Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition

Welcome to the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition (LIBC). The LIBC is an interfaculty center for interdisciplinary research on brain and cognition, based on collaboration between the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and the Faculties of Humanities, Science, and Social and Behavioural Sciences of Leiden University. The LIBC is part of the university research profile area ‘Brain Function and Dysfunction over the Lifespan’. The research topics range from language processing to cognitive robotics, and from psychiatric disorders to neuro-pharmacology, which are organized along the lines of four main research areas, or so-called ‘hotspots’. Current hotspots are: LIBC-Junior, LIBC-Language, LIBC-Stress and LIBC-Pharma. 

  • Brain and learning how to read
    Brain and learning how to read
  • Symposium 2013
    Symposium 2013
  • Brain and Language
    Brain and Language
  • EEG Research
    EEG Research
  • FMRI Research
    FMRI Research
  • Symposium 2012
    Symposium 2012
  • Serge Rombouts
    Serge Rombouts
  • Brain and Development Laboratory, Eveline Crone
    Brain and Development Laboratory, Eveline Crone
  • Babylab NIRS scanner
    Babylab NIRS scanner
  • Symposium 2014
    Symposium 2014


  • Publiekssymposium 2015
    Mensen kijken, de wereld van het Sociale Brein Dit symposium wordt op vrijdag 6 november 2015 georganiseerd door het LIBC in samenwerking…


Hotspot LIBC Social

In 2015, the LIBC will focus on the hotspot "LIBC Social'.

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