Facts and Figures

LIBC board, members, support staff, equipment, training, education and symposia.


  • prof.dr. Paul van den Broek (Education and child studies, FSS)
  • prof.dr. Bernet Elzinga (Psychology, FSS)
  • prof.dr. Bernhard Hommel (Psychology, FSS)
  • prof.dr. Claartje Levelt (Linguistics, FGW & Psychology, FSS)
  • prof.dr. Onno Meijer (Endocrinology, LUMC)
  • prof.dr. Serge Rombouts (Radiology, LUMC & Psychology, FSS), chair
  • prof.dr. Nic van der Wee (Psychiatry, LUMC)




Support staff

  • LIBC Office:
    Soraya Arthur-Kovacs (0.4 fte)
    Mattanja Latuhihin-van der Wielen (0.4 fte)
  • Support Office:
    dr. Anne Hafkemeijer, MRI research coordinator/consultant (0.6 fte)
    Christal van de Steeg-Henzen, Laboratory technician/manager LIBC scanner (0.6 fte)
    Gijs Vermeij, Laboratory technician (0.2 fte)
    Elio Sjak-Shie, technical support for Social Science researchers (0.2 fte)
    Maroesjka Kovacs, assistant (0.13 fte)
    Anne-Fleur Latuhihin, assistant (0.13 fte)


Equipment. LIBC members currently have access to the following equipment:

  • 3T and 7T MRI scanners at the LUMC
  • MRI dummy scanner at the LUMC
  • Electrophysiological lab at the FH
  • Neurofeedback lab at the FSS
  • Psychophysiological lab at the FSS
  • Infant labs (visual and auditory) at the FSS
  • Systems for eye-movement measurements at the FH
  • More than 20 labs for behavioral research at the FSS
  • NIRS lab at the FSS
  • tDCS lab at the FSS
  • Phonetics lab at the FH


Training and education

  • FMRI Analysis Course in the Psychology Master program: 40 MA students and 6 researchers registered for this course
    Coordinator: prof.dr. Serge Rombouts.
  • The LIBC developed an interdisciplinary minor program on Brain and Cognition that started in the academic year 2009/2010. 58 students attended this minor in the 2016-2017 academic year.
    Coordinator: prof.dr. Bernhard Hommel
  • Honours Class ‘brain and cognition’. 16 students attended this class in the 2016-2017 acedemic year. Coordinator: prof.dr. Serge Rombouts & prof.dr. Mark van Buchem

Yearly public symposium

  • Public Symposium ‘Onzekere Tijden: struikelblok of springplank?’ (Dutch)
    Organisers: prof.dr. Bernhard Hommel, prof.dr. Bernet Elzinga, prof.dr. Onno Meijer & prof.dr. Nic van der Wee
    Number of attendants: 600.
    Watch a video report of this symposium


Sylvius lectures series: The LIBC organises Sylvius lectures, in which international experts address topics of broad, interdisciplinary interest.

  • Jay van Bavel
    New York University, department of Psychology
    The case for moral perception
  • Beatrice de Gelder
    Maastricht University, Brain and Emotion Laboratory
    Affective perception and the body
  • Jan de Houwer
    Ghent University, Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology
    A functional-cognitive perspective on the psychology of learning: Uncovering the pitfalls in learning related research