Facts and Figures 2017

LIBC board, members, support staff, equipment, training, education and symposia.


  • prof.dr. Paul van den Broek (Education and child studies, FSS)
  • prof.dr. Bernet Elzinga (Psychology, FSS)
  • prof.dr. Bernhard Hommel (Psychology, FSS)
  • prof.dr. Claartje Levelt (Linguistics, FGW & Psychology, FSS)
  • prof.dr. Onno Meijer (Endocrinology, LUMC)
  • prof.dr. Serge Rombouts (Radiology, LUMC & Psychology, FSS), chair
  • prof.dr. Nic van der Wee (Psychiatry, LUMC)




Support staff

  • LIBC Office:
    Soraya Arthur-Kovacs (0.4 fte)
    Mattanja Latuhihin-van der Wielen (0.4 fte)
  • Support Office:
    dr. Anne Hafkemeijer, MRI research coordinator/consultant (0.6 fte)
    Christal van de Steeg-Henzen (till September 2017), Madeline Redelijkheid (from September till December 2017) Laboratory technician/manager LIBC scanner (0.6 fte)
    Gijs Vermeij, Laboratory technician (0.2 fte)
    Elio Sjak-Shie, technical support for Social Science researchers (0.2 fte)
    Maroesjka Kovacs, assistant (0.13 fte)
    Anne-Fleur Latuhihin, assistant (0.13 fte)


Equipment. LIBC members currently have access to the following equipment:

  • 3T and 7T MRI scanners at the LUMC
  • MRI dummy scanner at the LUMC
  • Electrophysiological lab at the FH
  • Neurofeedback lab at the FSS
  • Psychophysiological lab at the FSS
  • Infant labs (visual and auditory) at the FSS
  • Systems for eye-movement measurements at the FH
  • More than 20 labs for behavioral research at the FSS
  • NIRS lab at the FSS
  • tDCS lab at the FSS
  • Phonetics lab at the FH

Training and education

  • FMRI Analysis Course in the Psychology Master program: 41 MA students and 6 researchers registered for this course
    Coordinator: prof.dr. Serge Rombouts.
  • LIBC minor program on Brain and Cognition 
    52 students 
    Coordinator: prof.dr. Bernhard Hommel
  • Honours Class ‘brain and cognition’.
    8 students 
    Coordinators: prof.dr. Serge Rombouts & prof.dr. Mark van Buchem
  • Kindermishandeling en Verwaarlozing: een levensloopperspectief (Dutch)
    50 students
    Coordinator: prof.dr. Bernet Elzinga

Yearly public symposium

  • Public Symposium ‘Eet (je) slim!' (Dutch)
    Organisers: prof.dr. Lorenza Colzato and dr. Laura Steenbergen
    this symposium was held in the 'city ​​auditorium' of Leiden and was completely sold out.
    Watch a video report of this symposium


Sylvius lectures series: The LIBC organises Sylvius lectures, in which international experts address topics of broad, interdisciplinary interest.

  • Christian Beckmann, Professor of Statistical Imaging Neuroscience, Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging
    Big data for precision medicine: charting resting-state functional connectivity & conectopies
  • Jason Chein, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, Temple University Philadelphia
    Understanding the adolescent brain: vulnerability and opportunity
  • Gaël Varoquaux, Research Faculty Parietal team INRIA, Associate researcher Unicog team INSERM, Member of the board of the PARIS-SACLAY Center for Data Science
    Population imaging with resting-state FMRI: towards a big-data approach to psychiatry and psychology
  • Julian F. Thayer, Professor at the Department of Psychology, Emotions & Quantitative Psychophysiology, The Ohio State University
    Cognitive control and emontional regulation: a neurovisceral integration perspective
  • Luana Colloca, Associate Professor at the Department of Anesthesiology, University of Maryland School of Nursing.
    The nocebo effect: How expectations can make you sick
  • Kieran O’Donnell, Assistant Professor in Epigenetics and Epidemiology at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and researcher in the Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics and Mental Health
    Integrating measures of genomic risk in studies of child neurodevelopment: precision medicine in child psychiatry?
  • Karla Miller, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford
    Bridging scales with neuroimaging: challenges and opportunities